Kuro the Dog

Kuro was born in 2007 I think, at Greenyards Farm, Dunblane. I was out a jog (yes, really) and spotted the blackboard advertising “labrador pups for sale”. Came home, told the family and we all went out. Big mistake. 9 black labrador pups for sale, stumbling around in a straw covered stable. Of course we’ll take one!

Hard to believe now that shes the size of a house, but one of my sons pals remembers holding Kuro in the palm of his hand. Kuro destroyed everything! She gnawed a hole in the wall. Shes ate socks, slippers and 2 button boxes (remote controls).

We found a postcard we had sent to mum recently, revealing that Kuro had eaten the tots Easter Eggs on the beach on Harris. When Sean was playing football, Kuro grew to recognize the refs half time whistle. Half time means jaffa cakes, jelly babies. I’ve this vision of Kuro, packet of jaffa cakes in mouth, being pursued by 4 lads. It was futile of course. Kuro arsed the lot.

Kuro loves the Tappit. We ‘socialised’ her early. She wanders around the bar, gauging the mood. Rustle of crisps in the corner table… Kuros on it. “Moan, feed me. Am fading away! They dont feed me at home”.

And so it was a shock when the vet phoned two years ago. Lump under her tongue, two months to live. No way. No no no… not our Kuro. Tears n snotters everywhere. Not our Kuro.

Someone said, get another dog. Enter the Shitzu. A tiny wee bundle of fur n teeth, Shitzu entered Kuros world. She torments the hell out of Kuro, bites her legs then when she got bigger bites her ears. Kuro, I think, loves it, rolls on the grass and Shitzu pounces. It looks violent but it’s just them. Yin and yang. Black and white. “Dont worry”, I tell startled onlookers, “they’re just playing”.

And Kuros still here, defying medical science. “Up yours, medical science” she seems to be saying. Or is that the Shitzu? 🤔

Shes on a diet now. Ah the irony. Vet tells you your dogs gona die soon, you fling the diet out the window. Kuro grew and grew. Now shes running up to random strangers up the park, barking. “Feed me”. Am chasing after her – ” naw, dont feed her shes on a diet, on a diet”.

When she does go, we’ll get the vet to come to us. Say our farewells in the hoose.

But that’s a long time away, that’s a long time away.

2 thoughts on “Kuro the Dog

  1. Trying to write something , but cant see for tears!!😁😊 she’s a wonderful, happy girl who’s loved by everyone!!! She’s going nowhere! 🥰😊


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