Getting back to Nature

Drove up to Sherrifmuir with the dogs tonight, parked up just past the Macrae Monument. Getting out the car its pitch black but within 5 minutes I’m getting my night vision within 10 I can even see Kuro easily. Not many people do that nowadays. I blame headtorches.

Its blowing a gale but mild as tea. Minds me of Harris, without the salt air. I love it. Theres a lone light ahead maybe a mile away, probably Cauldhame. The clouds over Stirling glow orange: neon lights. Turn back and the winds in our face, refreshing. The moons up there, can vaguely see it but she never comes out. Shame, it would have transformed the walk. I think the Gaels call it the poor man’s lantern.

I love walking, a day on the hills is just the ticket. The great outdoors. I’m proud that we took our two camping or they wouldn’t have seen the natural world. Opened the tent in Glencoe and theres a stag six feet away. Tiny frogs in the dunes at Gairloch. Campfire on the beach at Clachtoll, walked barefoot in the frost that same night to visit the toilet.I once hand fed a fox camping between the bridges at Sligachan. We saw the northern lights there too. The dancing men.

Then we went to Harris and their education continued. Golden eagle near Northton, gathering the peats near Loch na Moracha, Amy saw an otter on the weir at the Millpool ( all I saw were bubbles). Most kids will tell you a lobster is red: our two know a lobster can be a beautiful marble blue, like the ones we were given yes given on Harris. They also know the humane way is to put them in the freezer before you boil them alive. And then they go red.

They’re closer to nature on Harris. Theres a cailleach (old woman) I visit. Maybe if I’m saying the weathers poor she’ll reply “yes but it’s a new moon next week, it’ll be better after that”.

I’m going to Harris next week. I’m going to walk on Luskentyre beach in the dark until I get my night vision. Maybe there I’ll see the northern lights, the dancing men. And I’m definitely going to visit the cailleach.

PS This is for Mrs MacLean.

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