Isle of Harris

I had to cancel my trip to Harris. The forecast was too wild. 54 mph winds. She wouldn’t sail in that. ‘The Olympic torch’ they call her, never goes out haha.

Was out in a force 10 once I loved it. Uig to Lochmaddy, standing on the observation deck, waves battering the window. Legs apart, hauding the metal bar. Try to walk across the floor, am like a drunk, all over the shop its hilarious.

The irony of that trip was , next day I had to get a bus. Up the golden road. I was sick as a dog. The golden road is crazy, like ribbon of tarmac thrown over a moon scape. In and out the wee villages , old boys getting on for their shopping then a hauf n a hauf in the Heb.

I have to be careful what I write, dont want to offend. This blogging is great, calms me but I’m putting myself out there. And Harris folk are the best. A friend told me to careful though and I’m trying.

A cailleach gave me a row for chapping her door. “What are you doing, knocking the door, just come in”. Shes lovely. She tells me in the best way possible “you’ll have a cup of tea”.

And they’re good at that. You’ll have a dram later . Ò bhailach! A bottle on the table, the sheep around us, birdshit everywhere. Ah I’ve said too much. No names tho… I’ve not mentioned any names.

The house we bought and renovated had become a ruin. Grass carpet, nettles, barbed wire. Sheep grazing in the front room. The original house had cows in it, at the lower end , the family lived at the top end. Makes sense if you think about it.

The stone was beautiful, smooth as. The cows rubbing against it over the years. Sadly we had to cover it. Building Regs. It’s a toasty house mind you underfloor heating, then you light the woodburner oooft! We had the front door open for 48 hours solid, in February!

I love Pabbay Cottage shes the best. And I love the young family who are living there now, feel guilty because I’ve not visited since June. Some landlord me.

I’m rambling now. Better get the dogs out before the weather turns.

PS This blog is for Lenore on the mainland, but also for Steven from Scalpay and of course Uilleam (ah shite you said no names!).

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