Medellín was amazing! We flew from Bogota over the mountains. Snow on the mountains, on the equator! Or did I imagine that? Ordered a coffee but had to down it in a one as we were going to land. The flight was that short.

Medellín airport. Bus takes us across beautiful countryside and then, there she is, maybe 3000 feet below. A huge city. I can see a tiny aeroplane going to land at an airport.

It took us half an hour to drive down into Medellín. And when we got there it was chaos. Friendly chaos. We had breakfast (second breakfast) in a bar. As we were finishing, a random stranger comes in, points – ” you gonnae eat that?” I shake my head and he grabs the bread roll. Alot of poverty here.

Obviously he never spoke in a weegie accent. You are totally submersed in Spanish here. Being ignorant, I try to read body language. Stay alert too because you are a potential victim. They’re a friendly people but opportunists. Hence the reason my mobile phone is now in a car boot sale in Bogotá.

We got the monorail to our hotel. Monorail! Like the Simpsons. We sat on the hotel roof that night, sipping whisky bottled in Dumbarton, watching the lightening flickering. It was amazing, lightening all around. As it got dark, all the lights came on in the shanty towns, the barrios. What a view, never forget it.

Next day we had a tour. Barrio 13. Murder capital of the world in the 90’s. Guy was probably a hitman in his youth. The barrio was on a cliff edge, corrugated iron shanty town.

We got a cable car up, Sean laughing at my fear of heights. I got off at the first stop Sean went on. I walked back down steep cobbled streets in the heat. Got an ice cream for like 20p.

We went to Poblado district it was posh. Cocktails n stuff. It was hot and dusty and we’d walked for hours. Found a wee local bar/shop , sat on the pavement with a cool beer. Like £1 for 2 beers am in heaven.

3 days in Medellín was enough it’s hot, dusty and crazy. But we had a great day trip to Guatape. Google it its mental. It’s like Dumbarton rock on drugs. And theres this crazy staircase to the top. I stayed at the bottom, bought Elaine a poncho she never wears. More sign language, the woman tries it on for me, laughing. Sean climbed to the top, gies me the heebies just thinking about it but what memories.

Bus back to Medellín across rolling countryside, sometimes tropical sometimes arid. Guys on motorbikes wearing ponchos. Tiny rustic villages. I’d loved to have stopped off.

So now I want to go back,with Elaine. Chocolate is the answer. Colombian chocolate is amazing and Elaine loves chocolate. Getting a hot chocolate in a cafe is a total ritual. They heat up the milk in a battered silver pot on the hob then pop in lumps of chocolate and stir it with a spurtle. I was mesmerized. It took 5 minutes to perfect, pour it in a mug and oooft, it was the best thing ever.

Ah, Colombia!

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