Dunblane the Community

Dunblane : what is it to you? Is it Andy Murray, the tragedy, the hydro, a day out at the Laighills, the golden postbox, the ancient cathedral? Or is it posh new housing that our young families cant afford, overcrowded schools, busy doctors surgery, crap parking and smelly sewage works?

Or to put it another way: are you a tourist, or a local? For me, as pharmacy driver, Dunblane is a great wee community with many characters, bravely fighting their own battles against age and illness. Every day I’m humbled by their strength and their stories which I cant repeat here. They invite me in, confide in me, someone to talk to, here have a sweetie son. They are my old school teachers, the janny, my old schoolmates parents and sadly my old schoolmates too.

We have a laugh together. Well, if you dont laugh you’d cry. They ask me how my sons doing in London- I dont remember telling them that, but they do, they do. I hand them their medicine – “christ I’ll be rattling,son”. One auld dear has been told to give up smoking. I’ve been smoking for 70 years son, am no giein’ it up now.

Took me a long time but I only really appreciated that Dunblane has a great community spirit 4 years ago. Mum had a fall outside Tesco and a kindly person helped her up, took her home (mum refused to go to the doctors). Within an hour of this incident, two neighbours came to the door to tell me what happened and then the doctor phoned to say mum had a badly sprained ankle. The lady who helped mum had phoned the surgery, explained the situation and they had worked out who it was and who to tell. Now that’s a community, looking after the most vulnerable.

I never found out the identity of this good samaritan btw. I owe them one. A big one.

A final funny story : while mum was recovering from sprained ankle, it was difficult to manage her because with her Alzheimer’s she forgot she was injured. Our Amy had an idea. She wrote a note and pinned it to the inside of the front door of mums flat. “Dont go for a walk granny, you’ve sprained your ankle. Doctors orders”.

As I say, if you dont laugh, you wid greet.

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