Still “Aff It”

So its Day 55 and ah’m still aff it, actually enjoying being aff it. At first I had sugar cravings and would eat chocolate or ice cream. If there was football on tv,I would get a couple cans of diet Irn Bru in as a substitute. It was indeed my other national drink.

Going out is no problem either. Still a good laugh but you feel sharper, notice things more. It’s only when folk start blethering nonsense or getting ‘tired and emotional’ that I glance at my phone and rattle my car keys. Being driver bear helps actually. Folk are not likely to give you a hard time for not drinking if you are giving them a lift up the road.

Keeps it simple too. I had Burns Supper recently after a busy day at the football. Normally I’d be rushing about, go co-op and get a cairry oot, fill my hip flask then we’d all need to walk to the Vicky Hall in the rain. Later we’d phone and wait for a taxi. Not now. Took the car. Door to door service, everyone happy. Simples.

Up at 0830 this Sunday morning too. Previously unheard of. Walk the dogs, kettle on for our guests. Our house has never been tidier. Still a midden but tidier because I’m full of energy, not hungover. And Sunday night visits to the Macrobert for a movie, again previously unheard of.

I’ve lost weight, maybe just a pound a week but I feel the difference. My hips not giving me grief now and that wee bit weight loss maybe is helping. Skin feels better so I feel more confident in myself. Aye it’s good. Saving me a few bob too.

And sleep. Getting really deep sleeps noo.

So that’s the first 50 days over. I’ve decided it’s my 50 day health plan. Other folk follow health plans, not their own, so when it goes pete tong they blame the plan. Well it’s my plan so the buck stops with me. And my first 50 days plan was simple: no alcohol.

The next 50 day plan is the same but also no fizzy drinks (except when I’m in the pub, wee treat) and no crisps. I’m copying Elaine’s slimming world plan by adding blueberries, strawberries etc to my porridge. And that’s it til 18 March. Oh and I’ve started doing 5 laps of the astro (1 mile) three times a week. Baby steps.

Baby steps coz this is a big deal. Over 30 years doing what our culture dictates. Take a drink. Here’s to Rabbie, take a drink. Bad day, hae a drink. Great result, let’s celebrate, take …a…drink !

So 55 days “aff it” is good going I reckon. First things first tho. I need to survive this coming weekend which involves a cocktails n cabaret evening and then a bus trip to Rothesay with the football team. I can hear it already.

“Take a drink!”

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