Family Traditions

Our family is odd. We have strange code words only we can decipher, family traditions only we can understand. Maybe we’re not odd, maybe every family has the same (but different) quirks ?

For example, mum used to chap our door and walk in, shouting “Yoohoo!”. A stranger may think this is odd but I now do this regularly when delivering medicines to auld yins. They should recognize my knock by now but the “Yoohoo!” is hopefully reassuring.

Another phrase is “right, that’s me”(abbreviated from “right, that’s me away”). Our Amy shouts this on her way out the door. Again a stranger would be like wtf? That’s you what..?

Once our English cousins were up. Mum asked them if they wanted a piece. “A piece of what?” was the reply. That was more a cultural thing tho, not a family quirk.

We have a family whistle too. Stole the idea offof my mate. He was at a Rangers game away to Partick once. Packed stadium, stood on the terracing. Did his family whistle and within a minute 2 cousins arrived to greet him. So we have developed a wee curlew type whistle which we use if we’re separated, usually in busy railway stations, Christmas market in George Square but most often in Dunblane Tesco. So if you hear a weird curlew whistle in Tesco it’s just us.

We have odd words too, like cockney slang without the rhyme. If the tv is too loud (like blaring), we say its Tony Blair. We had been saying that for years since the tots were born(1997/98). Then one day, a tiny Sean came running into the kitchen shouting “Theres a guy on TV called Tony Blair !” Come to think of it, that may have sparked his interest in politics.

Another one is “I’m away to see Tom Kite”, usually mumbled as one leaves the room. That’s self explanatory. There is one saying that we dont understand though, dont know the origins. One day, when it was pouring, Elaine said “its a sin for a worm”. I thought this was hilarious, concern for worms getting droont in the rain. Puir wee worms. Who knows where that came fae as Elaine’s family are mystified too.

Anyway, hope your family has odd phrases/habits and were not total freaks. It keeps us different in a weird sort of way!

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