My gran was born in 1897. My mothers mother, her name was Anne Hall. I know this because my niece has done research into our family tree. I also know because at Dunblane Primary School in the 1970s my teacher asked us to bring in something Victorian. I went home, told my mum and she laughed and said “take your gran in”. True story.

In the 1970s gran lived in Roman Way in Dunblane. If I was sick I would stay at grans and later my dad would bring me a comic or marbles when he came to collect me.

Gran had a colour TV. It was tiny…but it was colour! That’s why, on 12 October 1977, we went to grans for the crucial Wales v Scotland world cup qualifier. I was only 9 years old so I must have been allowed to stay up late as we qualified for Argentina ’78. In hindsight, poor my gran : 80 year old and we gatecrashed her hoose for the football because she had a colour TV!

Sadly, in later years gran had Alzheimer’s disease and I remember her phoning us to say she had set the table, dinner was ready and where were we ? Very upsetting. She died in 1986, aged 89.

Born 7 May 1897, gran was brought up in Halfway House, Paisley Road, Glasgow. She went to Cardonald Primary School. She was one of ten children according to the 1901 census. She was engaged at a young age I was told, but tragically her fiancé died in WW1. She then married James Dyce in 1927, gave birth to 3 girls (including my mum) and a boy. Her first born girl, named Winnifred, died at the age of two however. In WW2, they were all evacuated to a wee village called Terregles near Dumfries and attended the school there.

It still amazes me that if some German (I assume) had not shot (again I assume) my grans fiancé in WW1 then none of us would be here.

Sobering thought, eh.

PS This blog is for Kim, who has done alot of research on our family history, climbing the family tree!

PPS This is also for Sean and Amy, so youse know your family history thru my blethers.

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