Dunblane Bypass

The Dunblane bypass was opened in 1991. Hard to imagine Dunblane without it now but long ago all the traffic heading up and down the A9 would thunder through Dunblane.

There were fatalities in Dunblane, perhaps that brought it to a head. There were protests too. I recently met a lady who had protested. “I lay down in front of a truck” she said, her face beaming with the recollection “it was on the STV news”. I was well impressed and told her so. “Well, I was alot younger then” she added.

I looked it up. In the ’70s they wanted to make the Perth Road a dual carriageway, knocking down houses to enable this I assume. Sounds crazy but there was alot less traffic in them days. Dunblane would have been split in two. There was a flyover proposed from the golf course down to the High Street. Now that would have been mental, you have to be impressed by the planner who dreamt that one up : southbound cars fleeing off the slip road, over the dual carriageway and zooming doon to the High Street, pedestrians running for their lives.

In hindsight, maybe it was the ’60s, because that idea could only have been born with the aid of recreational drugs.

So the western bypass was really the only sensible solution although the other idea was a bypass to the east. No idea how that worked – cut across the golf course, Glen Road, behind the hydro ?

I remember going for a jog along the bypass before it opened. That was a bit surreal, jogging along an empty motorway type road. Dont try it now, folks.

My uncle was up from London one time and he made a prediction. Once the bypass is complete, he said, they will build houses on all the land between Dunblane and the bypass. Well, in the 29 years since they have built the Calas, Montgomery Cresent, Clement Loan, a new Dunblane High School/Maurice Wynd, Balmyle Grove, Daniel Avenue/Lawder Place ,extended Grant Drive and now Victoria Park. Spot on with that prediction, eh! (not even mentioned the proposed Hillside Farm development).

So, as a result of the bypass, Dunblane is a better place but is its head getting too big for its body?

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