Amys First Gig

We went to Amys first official gig on Friday, at the Tron Theatre, a well known Glasgow venue in the Trongate. It was in the Victoria Bar and Amy was on keyboard and performing backing vocals for Constant Follower, a Stirling band. We arrived early and had a few drinks, excited and possibly more nervous than Amy, who (after their soundcheck was finished) walked in all smiles.

Looking back, Amys first keyboard, a Yamaha PSR-275, was a present when she was maybe 12 and just starting at Dunblane High School. She practised on that and taught herself how to play. Later on at High School she performed her own song in the Murray Hall in front of a large audience.

After leaving school Amy continued to play the keyboard and started writing songs. When we realised she was actually quite good we surprised her with a trip one evening to a local recording studio.

That was a year ago now and she has since released an EP with 3 songs. That in itself was a great achievement. Shes never been keen on playing to an audience though, so we were surprised when she accepted the chance for an audition with Constant Follower. That must have gone well as she was invited to rehearse with the band before playing a gig at a tiny venue in Bathgate.

The Purple Orange is like something out of a Tarantino movie. You go up a wee lane, into a guitar shop where the guy takes your money and shows you through the back. You enter a long dark room more like a cavern and the walls are covered with classic albums and posters. The gig went well in front of a sparse audience but it was an ideal introduction for Amy.

The band also went into the recording studio at Hidden Lane in the west end of Glasgow. After what sounded like an productive day, Amy arrived home tired but happy at 9pm clutching a beer bottle. Rock n roll we shouted at her!

So, to the Tron Theatres Victoria Bar and a sell out crowd of 60 people sat in neatly arranged rows. The room has a cathedral ceiling and a nice atmosphere. The Seven Song Club is exactly that, each act to play 7 songs with a time limit of 40 minutes. The two support guitarists are both excellent and then (finally) they’re on, Constant Follower.

The music is lovely and very mellow, Amys voice compliments the lead singers own voice. Each song is warmly received and at the end the audience are all happy. The band carefully pack away their guitars, amps, cables and of course Amys keyboard, all the while chatting to friends and family. Its a nice ritual, a warm down before a few drinks at the bar.

And that was Amys first gig, no mosh pit, no numpties, no bottles launched on stage and we were home just after midnight. If you fancy, the next one is at Creative Stirling in King Street, Stirling on Saturday 21 March. We’ll be there!

PS You’ll find Constant Follower on Facebook.

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