Dunblane amidst COVID

As pharmacy driver, I’ve just spent a crazy few days delivering meds in Dunblane. Never seen anything like it, queues outside both pharmacies, only 3 people in shop at a time and yet, being Dunblane, not a swear word was heard. The queueing folk waited patiently, standing aside to let me through.

Inside the shop the staff are brilliant, they have a system and wade their way through mountains of prescriptions with a quiet determination. I load up the van in front of my queuing audience and I’m off.

The auld yins I deliver to are concerned but theres certainly no panic. Some open their doors nervously and an arm appears. Others, more relaxed, still want a blether but I keep my distance. As the day goes on I change my technique. I chap the door loudly, place meds on the doorstep and retreat to the van. The front door opens and I gie them a friendly wave and jump back in the van. I think this is the best approach (or retreat).

One woman opened her front door as I walked up her drive and, pointing to her doorstep, asked me to leave the meds there. She apologised but said her daughter in England had phoned, said it was crazy down there and told her not to go near a soul. Fair enough I thought and thats when I decided on the ‘chap door run’ approach.

The trays I deliver go thru the letterbox so no change there, except for a few whom I normally pop in and hand deliver and say hello. This has stopped. Feeling guilty about this, I made up a sign in thick felt tip pen which says ‘Stay Safe’ with a wee loveheart below. I chap the window, gie them a wave and hold up my sign.

I have wiped down the inside of the van too (practical) and also gave it a wash (cosmetic but reassuring for customers). I have a bottle of hand gel in the van which I apply frequently.

On Friday (20 March) there were more requests for deliveries from people ‘self isolating’. This is good as it shows the message is getting through. One guy had just returned from Spain so I did my ‘chap door run’ there! He was very grateful. Another woman opened her window and asked me to leave the meds on the doorstep. She pulled a face – ‘we’re not great’ she added.

I’ve not got a scooby what next week will bring but its a worry. On a lighter note, I’m on Day 104 of being alcohol free and today I briefly thought that as a front line worker in a global pandemic I could be excused for having a swally… but I resisted and choose chocolate instead!

Go on, its better to laugh than greet.

Stay safe! ❤

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