Writing a Journal/ Blogging

I enjoy writing. It relaxes me and gives me a focus. If its a blog about todays events then its a great way to reflect on that day. If its about a holiday long ago then its fascinating doing research on it and allows you to see things differently. It gives you perspective. You should try it. Yes, you, sitting there with a glaikit look on your face.

I started the blog by talking about people who should have written a book but never did. And that’s a shame because the stories are lost. Even if they had written wee stories, what an insight into their lives we could have had. All that’s left is the oral tradition and lets face it, thats a dying art. So, in doing a series of blogs, I’m writing wee stories and who knows, maybe one day, compiling a book.

Imagine you could get a glimpse of your gran or papas life when they were 52 years old. What would they have written about?

My gran (mums mum) was born in 1897, so was my age in 1949. Imagine her stories post war in Kilsyth having moved from Glasgow. My mum would have been 18, Uncle Ian 14, both still at home. Was there still rationing then? Was the new NHS founded by then? All strangely relevant in the current (COVID-19) situation. More importantly, did my gran give my mum a clip round the ear that she later perfected with us?

My papa (dads dad) was a postman in the Gorbals. Born later, he would be my age in the late ’50s. Again, what stories! The Gorbals in the ’50s must have been ‘character building’. Would it have been tales of a violent neighbourhood or was it a great community where they looked after each other? I think the family ran a creamery but thats about all I know.

So, hopefully my clan will continue and,one day in the future, read my blogs and go “wow that COVID in 2020 was a bastard,eh!” And who knows, it may help them understand where they got their travel bug* /anxiety*/intelligence (or lack thereof)*/ football* / alcoholic* genes from.

*delete as appropriate.

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