Dunblane Auld Yins

Its the auld yins I feel for just now. Stuck in the house, cannae even have visitors, they just want a doorstep blether. My first delivery one day, the auld biddy had her arm in a sling. ‘Been in the wars, missus?’ Her dog had pulled her off her feet. Didnae surprise me in the least, that poor dug stuck in most of the day. But you can understand why she keeps it : for the company (tho perhaps a budgie would be better).

The auld yins are resilient tho, always got a quip. ‘You no’ found a rich widow yet, son?’ That had me chuckling back to the van. Another yin up in Braco opened the door, smile disappearing. ‘Aw, I was expecting the carpet fitter’. ‘Haha, you dont want me fitting your carpets – be like the Himalayas’.

And then I delivered to a 100 year old lady. Born in 1920 imagine that ! Just after the Great War and Spanish flu pandemic, 1920 was the original baby boom. She would have been 19 when the second world war started. Shes seen history (also needing to write a book I’ll tell her next time I see her). Theres another Cailleach by the Laighills she told me shes seen Cruyff play for Ajax. Total respect.

A couple of times different folk have talked to me about the war. Both said the same thing : the war was easier than Covid-19. Why? Because they could go out, meet other people, talk to them and maybe hug them. Aye that got me too. You walk away from a chat like that with a lump in your throat.

I saw this week that Dementia Friendly Dunblane had delivered 28 fish suppers to Hanover Court auld yins. Thats community, looking after folks. Well done them.

Anyway, the 100 year old lady had made an impression on me and I told them at the pharmacy. They were equally impressed.

‘Wow, do you think she got given…. ach you know…’

‘What? The dumps? I hope no’

How we laughed. Then got back to work.

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