Dunblane: Big Freeze 2010

Woke up this morning and its dark. Looking out I can see the streetlights across the glen: Holmehill Court stands out, the Hydro above that and further up the lights at Dykedale Farm. Twenty minutes later I’m up the park with the Shitzu. Theres a hint of dawn over Dumyat, a faint glow (tho thatsContinue reading “Dunblane: Big Freeze 2010”

Cheap Day Return tae Queen Street

Normally we head into Glasgow at this time of year : a Christmas tradition to get the train through from Dunblane to Queen Street then wander round George Square, drinking mulled wine, laughing at folk ice skating. Counting House for one then walk down busy Buchanan Street under a canopy of Christmas lights to theContinue reading “Cheap Day Return tae Queen Street”

How the East was Won

In 2006, I became manager of Doune Castle Ams. The previous manager had won almost everything and taken the club into the Caledonian League so it was a bit daunting. Doune however, had never won a national trophy, having lost the Scottish Amateur Cup Final in 1970 in extra time (a sore one as DouneContinue reading “How the East was Won”

Ben Venue:In Memory of Kuro

The Man Who Walks is driving north. After Doune, the mist is down and he has the headlights on. Passing through Callander its surprisingly quiet but then it is 8am. Suddenly he can see Ben Ledi above the mist, clear blue skies beyond. He smiles to himself. He turns left, passes the Lade Inn thenContinue reading “Ben Venue:In Memory of Kuro”

October Night in Dunblane

Needing some munchies , I took the car down to the co-op tonight. The lads were stacking shelves but spotted me standing at the counter, a slab of diet Irn Bru under my arm. Hows it goin? Ach we been mobbed the day – still catching up. I try a different tact : Never mind,atContinue reading “October Night in Dunblane”

Annfield Park, Stirling

When I first saw Annfield Park in the early 1970s, I thought it was a factory. In my defence I was 6 years old and all I saw was a crowd of miserable looking people walking away from a brick building. Annfield Park was, of course, home of Stirling Albion FC, an old stadium whoseContinue reading “Annfield Park, Stirling”